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A website developed by the Department for Education and Skills as a resource to support parents and carers who want to help their child or children to learn. Offers support, information and advice about your child's learning and the English education system.
Software allowing parents to restrict internet access for kids
DfES School and College Performance Tables
Expert health information for the entire family providing information on health for teachers and learners
Set up by a group teachers and parents, schoolzone is a well-used site with links to over 40'000 educational sites reviewed by teachers
An interesting resource for teachers, parents and pupils.Contains information about speakers on education, and the latest theories about learning.
A site showcasing the latest initiatives to improve design in schools.
A site set up by the sorrell foundation to promote better design for schools
A site promoting the provision of water in schools
Bog Standard campaign for better toilets for pupils
A great site for parents with "information and advice on being a mum or dad in your home town."
Channel 4's website about Jamie Olivers School Dinners programme
A great site giving tips and information able how to handle ADHD
Nice people in yorkshire that sell Omega 3 Supplements