It’s our Special Science Edition Quiz!

1. Pick the only part of your body that does not contain fat:
a. Arm
b. Thigh
c. Brain
d. None

2. Chronic Stress cannot:
a. Prevent you from being creative
b. Kill brain cells
c. Prevent you from sleeping
d. Kill liver cells

3. What type of phys i cal exercise is the best for your brain health?
a. Weight lifting
b. Aerobic exercises
c. Flexibility exercises

4. Pick the ability, if any, that can not be improved as we age:
a. Con centration
b. Memory
c. Language
d. None

5. Which of these does NOT affect your risks of developing Alzheimer’s?
a. Your family history
b. Your education
c. Your head size

6. What type of brain training has been shown to help people who are afraid of spiders?
a. NovaVision
b. Cognitive Therapy
c. EmWave Stress Relief


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